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No meal would be complete without the perfect wine to accompany it. Our wine list contains more than 300 labels from Greece and abroad and is continuously updated to complement the restaurant’s seafood menu.

This is the ultimate companion to your gastronomic journey.

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*Exquisite local and
international wines

Selection process

How we pick the best wines

Season, menu changes, what our guests want: a lot goes into choosing the right wine varieties for our list.

Tasting the wine alone is not enough – at Mavri Thalassa we want to know the story behind the brand, this is why we offer a rich selection of labels that are characterized by authenticity and passion.

Similarly, we do not only look for quality wines that pair well with our menu. We make sure to fill gaps in our selection in terms of variety, price, or even region. Our wine list is a mix of classics, new discoveries, and some wines that simply amaze the taste buds.

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Local heroes

Greek labels

Sometimes, it’s the lesser-known regions that attract us. Offering bottles that are relatively unknown but can replace a more renowned label and help our guests discover the best Greek wines is an important aspect for us.

Our wine list focuses on Greek vineyards, featuring more than 200 labels from Greek regions, such as Santorini, Nemea and Naoussa, and contains interesting options, from sparkling and white wines to rose and dessert ones.

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fine Greek wines
International varieties

Foreign labels

From some of the best wines in the world to naturally grown, organic options, we make sure to have a wine for everyone: French wines from well-known wineries, Spanish wines that are naturally grown, Italian wines from distinguished estates, Argentinian wines from indigenous grape varieties.

As a seafood restaurant, white wines make up for the majority of our selection, but the right red label can perfectly compliment many of our dishes, making sure our list embodies our philosophy and compliments our flavors.

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A meal without wine is like a day without sun
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin