fish tavern Aretsou Thessaloniki


Top quality raw materials define Mavri Thalassa. From tastes and aromas to equipment and services, the bar is high. The people we cooperate with, our suppliers and partners, must follow the same standards we do. This is why we carefully choose who we work with and only create strong bonds with the best.

*stellar partnerships
for unique results

Aktio Sea Garden
The best fresh fish and seafood since 1962
For 60 years, AFOI LAZARIDI OE has distinguished itself in the domestic and international fish trade. A strong presence in the fish market of N. Michaniona, it provides its customers with the freshest fish and mollusks of the Greek seas.
Fresh sourdough bread, every day
“Theya – more than a bakery” specializes in sourdough bread, providing Mavri Thalassa with unique options that harmoniously accompany all our dishes. Warm bread, olive oil and oregano create the most delicious appetizer.
Of The Magic
Fruits and vegetables that upgrade any dish
All Mavri Thalassa dishes are based on seasonality and we couldn't help but choose the freshest fruits and vegetables to accompany them. Unique selections depending on the season, only from the best of their kind.
Cava Abatzis
A cellar full of rare wines
A family business that stands out for its dedication to impeccable service, "Kava Abatzis" offers labels from Greek and international vineyards, renowned small winemakers, hard-to-find spirits and "cool" bitters that will elevate any cocktail.
Custom made desserts, exclusively for Mavri Thalassa
Scrumptious creations from high-quality raw materials complete each meal, broadening the nutritional horizons of our guests through alternative, healthy and exceptionally delicious options, even without sugar.
To pantopolio tis Thessalonikis
A century of aromas and flavors from all over Greece
In downtown Thessaloniki, in a tiny shop buzzing with products, beats the heart of the city. A point of culinary reference, here you’ll find gourmet options, organic products, selected cheeses and delicacies from every corner of the country – and beyond!
To Bouketo
Maria Gaitanidou is the best interior decorator
The atmosphere of Mavri Thalassa heavily relies on the aesthetics and fine choices of Maria, who stays on top by maintaining a store full of high-end items and masterfully placing everything in the right place to compose the dreamiest settings.
Karaoglou S.A.
Accounting services that contribute to our success
With 40 years of experience, Karaoglou SA is the most reliable solution when it comes to global tax and accounting solutions. Guided by reliability, innovation, and efficiency, it is responsible for many of the strategic decisions behind Mavri Thalassa.
Georgiadis Parquetry
Unique wood quality, evident throughout the restaurant
The warm atmosphere of Mavri Thalassa wouldn’t be accomplished without the wood that embraces it, a result stemming from high artistic and technical principles, distinguished by aesthetics, functionality and environmental sensitivity.
Tsogias S.A.
Top professional equipment according to international trends
Representing the biggest manufacturers in the market and with a huge collection of glassware, porcelain, cutlery, buffet-bar-kitchen items, inox products, consumables etc., Tsogias SA is renowned for its quality in Greece and abroad.
My Cava
More than 100 years of experience in wine
A historic winery that started in the distant 1918 with the Dimitriadis Distillery, today is considered not only an elite wine store, but also an online space that offers the ultimate wine experience, with winemaking and winetasting seminars.