EST. 1926
Mavri Thalassa - the top seafood fine dining restaurant in Thessaloniki
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EST. 1926

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since 1926

Founded in 1926 as a kafeneio, Mavri Thalassa has grown into one of the culinary touchstones of the city. Representing simplicity, quality, and taste since day one and handed down from generation to generation, it defines fine dining in Thessaloniki for almost a century.

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Καραντενίζ - Μαύρη Θάλασσα καφενείο

Almost 100 years ago, Barba-Savvas, the grandfather of head chef Alexandros Tokidis, created Mavri Thalassa in Kato Toumba. A refugee from Asia Minor, the only “luggage” he brought from Zonguldak were memories of his kafeneio, Karadeniz, which means Black Sea (Mavri Thalassa).


Καραντενίζ - Μαύρη Θάλασσα καφενείο Κάτω Τούμπα 1947

After the death of Barba-Savvas, his children, Euripides and Alexandros, took over. His wife, Dragina, continued to cook her specialties: fried meatballs, pickled eggplant, fried fish, meze, stuffed vine leaves (sarmadakia), fried zucchinis, herring and pastirma.


At the age of 10, Alexandros, the current chef of Mavri Thalassa, son of Alexandros and Olga, started visiting Modiano market for fish roe, lakerda, cheeses, cold cuts, soujouk and fish for the restaurant, while he started helping more intensively when he was 15 years old.


chef Αλέξανδρος Τοκίδης και chef Σοφία Μαργαρίτου

Chef Alexandros Tokidis and his wife, Sonia Margaritou, take the reins of the family business. From the kitchen of their own home, they serve tsipouro and meze, a diverse selection of seafood and other local delicacies. Step by step, they start paving the way for what will follow.


υψηλή γαστρονομία

The premium ingredients and fresh fish start setting Mavri Thalassa above competition year after year, turning the local kafeneio to a taverna. Delectable delights result in a memorable gastronomic experience, and the couple starts envisioning their next steps, pouring their hearts into every dish.


εστιατόριο Μαύρη Θάλασσα Νικολάου Πλαστήρα Καλαμαριά

Guided by the warm support they receive, Sonia and Alexandros decide it’s time for a change: Mavri Thalassa moves to Kalamaria and becomes one of the few restaurants by the sea in Thessaloniki. Captivating views, meticulously chosen raw materials, and an exceptional selection of wines turn the restaurant into a gastronomic destination.


chefs Αλέξανδρος Τοκίδης και Σόνια Μαργαρίτου

Although Sonia Margaritou and Alexandros Tokidis remain the head chefs of Mavri Thalassa, their son, Giorgos, becomes more and more involved in order to modernize the iconic restaurant while carrying on their vision. At Plastira street for more than 10 years now, Mavri Thalassa introduces each guest to a sensational world of tastes.

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Get to know Mavri Thalassa

Exclusive signature dishes and more than 300 wine labels have made Mavri Thalassa a popular destination and the ideal setting for special occasions, date nights and business functions.

From a small kafeneio by an Asia Minor immigrant in Kato Toumba, to the epitome of fine dining, at Plastira street in Aretsou, our restaurant has been pushing the culinary boundaries of Thessaloniki for almost a century.

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Experienced Chefs

With an open imagination and respect to premium seafood, the head chefs of Mavri Thalassa, Alexandros Tokidis and Sonia Margaritou, make sure to establish fine dining in Thessaloniki through their dishes.

A couple in real life and in the kitchen, they are known for their unwavering commitment to exceptional raw materials, unique cooking techniques, and flawless flavors.

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Fresh Fish

A favorite Thessaloniki seafood restaurant for decades, Mavri Thalassa incorporates regional tastes, fresh raw materials, and sustainably sourced ingredients in its menu.

Our chefs work with reliable seafood suppliers to obtain only the freshest fish from local waters, offering guests dozens of seafood varieties at the peak of their season, accompanied by a wide selection of wines with character.

fresh fish at the restaurant mavri thalassa

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