The chefs of the restaurant mavri thalassa

Our Chefs

Absolute love for Greek raw materials and respect for seasonality are the two elements that characterize the Head Chefs of Mavri Thalassa, Sonia Margaritou and Alexandros Tokidis.

A couple in the kitchen and in life, they both firmly believe that cooking is emotion, creation and expression, while excellent technique remains the secret to their success.

*the alchemists of
Mavri Thalassa

Love for raw materials

Chef Alexandros Tokidis

Humble and always active, “Kyr-Alekos” is loved both by the restaurant’s team and the guests who have known him for decades.

Coming from a family with a long cooking tradition and raised among flavors and aromas in his grandfather’s kafeneio, today the chef manages the restaurant passionately and masterfully.

Quote by Alexandros Tokidis chef in the seafood restaurant Mavri Thalassa

If you're not good at what you do, you don't make it to 100 years of history

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The chef loves...
Alexandros Tokidis loves fish and believes that, in order to bring out its flavor, you need excellent raw materials and a few, quality ingredients.
Creative gastronomy

Chef Sonia Margaritou

Always willing to help and open to new ideas, “Kyria Sonia” ensures that all the dishes of Mavri Thalassa comply with the restaurant’s high culinary standards.

The chef believes that cooking is an art that is based on the right technique, but stems from love, inspiration, and memories.

Success comes through love

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The chef loves...
Sonia Margaritou loves to cook, experiment, and try different techniques, gaining more experience and knowledge year after year.